In full compliance with environmental safeguard, Italcatene invested its resources adopting innovative system that leads to an optimization of water and Energy consumption, limiting waste. In addition to solar panels for internal production of clean Energy, the company can count on a cogenerator that enables the production of both thermal and electric energy at the same time , using only one power source: while traditional electrical systems exhauste about 60% of thermal Energy, the cogenerator use this power and transforms it into thermoelectric Energy limiting CO2 emissions and improving productivity.

One of the biggest squandering in factories is connected with water. For this reason Italcatene set up an indipendent water purification system in order to purify the waste water coming for the finishing dept. After a complex process of collection, abatement of the toxic substances and distillation, the system avoid the disposal of over 20.000 litres per week of dirty water that, once cleaned, can be used again for different applications.